Timothy, Alfalfa, and Straw

Who can eat timothy hay?

-- Rabbits                    --Hamsters

--Guinea Pigs              --Gerbils

     --Chinchillas                --Hedgehogs

          --Degus                       --Sugar Gliders

If you have any questions or concerns regarding hay, or your rabbit, don't be afraid to ask! If we can't answer your question, we will find someone who can! As well as providing great rabbit hay, bales4bunnies promotes proper animal welfare and enrichment. We are animal lovers and have had pet rabbits for years. Also bales4bunnies is very experienced in hay growth, production, and management. Feel free to ask us anything!

**we are not vets. If you suspect your rabbit or small animal is ill we recommend you seek vet care from a rabbit savy vet/small animal/exotic vet. Bales4bunnies merely support animal and rabbit rights, and strive to educate about proper rabbit care, diet and housing, and life enrichment**

What is in Bales4Bunnies Hay??

--95% Timothy hay

--5% Mixed grasses such as Orchard, and Brome, all safe for rabbits and other small animals! Bales4bunnies selects and hand picks only the freshest hay and the best parts of a bale assuring your pet has the most beneficial hay diet!