Timothy, Alfalfa, and Straw

All prices are for timothy, alfalfa and straw

1 sack $12.00
1 sack w/empty bag return $11.00
1 bundle *NEW* $18.00
1 bale $25.00

Bulk Orders:

buy 4+ sacks $10.00 per sack
buy 4+ bundles $15.00 per bundle
buy 2+ bales $20.00 per bale
Bales are 30-40 lbs and can be carried and stored. Bales should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place out of sun. Bales can be stored in sheds, garages or basements, and even storage rooms.
Bales will stay good for up to a year if stored properly. Ventilation is key. Never set a bale directly on cement, or on a damp floor, you can set a bale on a tarp, or a wood pallet. Never store bales in plastic or garbage bags, this will affect the moisture content and start turning the hay yellow. it is best to leave a bale completely exposed to air.
Bales4bunnies offers farm fresh rabbit hay at affordable prices.

Do you want farm fresh hay for your rabbit without the mess and dust of a hay bale? Try our sacks which hold approx. 6lbs of fresh Timothy hay that is kept in the bale until sold for optimal freshness. The sacks are breathable and reusable and if you return the sack you get $1 off your next sack.

Are you looking for something in between a sack and a full size bale? Try our  Bundles. Bundles are 1/3 of a bale tied with baler twine. they are easy to carry, easy to transport if you have limited vehicle space, and easy to dispense to your pets (Use a box or a container to store your hay) Try Bales4Bunnies Bundles, and let us know what you think!

If you have many bunnies like we do, try our Timothy bales which are always kept in a dark dry area and checked regularly for damage or moisture. Your bunnies will love our hay! Spoil your bunnies today!


Bales4bunnies now sells alfalfa hay for growing and nursing bunnies, and straw for bedding and litter boxes! please check out our product page!